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We are the Forklift ‘FINDERS’ – 35 years of success in supplying new and high quality used forklifts across Australia, the Asia Pacific and beyond. Our business is making light work of heavy lifting with value for money, ‘fit for purpose’ lift trucks. We source high quality used forklifts from a global network to give you great deals, a high level of reliability and a big reduction in operating costs!

WELCOME  to Forklift Finder Services .

Directly sourcing vehicles and attachments, as well as providing extensive after-sales service and experienced advice, we ensure that you achieve true value for money.

We source only good quality brands, including Liftking, Uromac, Hyster and Toyota forklifts, along with all terrain forklifts, container handlers and any attachment you may need. Contact us today to discuss your specialist application – our quality advice and expert sourcing ensures that you get the right forklift, first time. Ours is the only name you need to remember when it’s time to ‘find’ a new or quality, used forklift. Our experience saves you time and money..

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USED EQUIPMENT – Reliable and Ready for Work

At Forklift Finder Services we lead the industry with our ability to ‘find’ and supply an extensive range of used forklifts and materials handling equipment. We stock many, well-known brands of used forklifts, telehandlers and container handlers and we can lay our hands on a ‘special order’ used machine or attachment in a short time frame.

Used forklifts represent ‘great buying’ in today’s market – we have the know-how to buy our stock at a great price and we pass those savings on to you. Well maintained, medium to large forklifts and container handlers have a very long life and a used machine (with a great service history) can save your business tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Forklift Finder Services specialises in globally recognised used container handler and heavy forklift brands (with Manitex Lift King and Omega being two brands that we commonly source and supply to clients in Australasia and Overseas).).

A late model, quality used forklift is a smart choice and makes a lot of sense if you are budget conscious, new to the market (and minimising your use of capital) or have low hours of use. Forklift Finder Services has many tried and true, popular brand forklifts at different price points in its stable of quality, used machines.

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NEW FORKLIFTS – Access to Global Brands

Introducing the UROMAC All Terrain Container Entry Forklift;
Forklift Finder Services is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the new, high quality UROMAC All Terrain Container Entry Forklift to customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Without a doubt, the Uromac 4WD Forklift delivers our customers in Australia and nearby markets ‘European quality at a great price’.

Approved by NATO and company UROMAC is recognised globally for its robust design and low maintenance costs. The UROMAC All Terrain Forklift is widely used in agriculture, defence and service industries in Europe and is fast gaining popularity elsewhere. The UROMAC is a smart choice for clients looking for a RENT 2 BUY option – put it to work to see the benefits first hand.

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HIRE & RENTAL Machines . We are ‘finders’ of the best possible forklift solutions.

To suit your business (and budget), we offer very flexible used forklift hire and rental options. In commercial, industrial, mining, agriculture, freight transportation and warehousing,  we specialise in sourcing forklifts for hire, plus we sell new and quality used forklift machinery from leading manufacturers like Komatsu, Toyota and Caterpillar. We help clients determine which product is best suited to the job and offer advice on renting, buying new or purchasing a pre-owned forklift.

The choice is yours between short term forklift hire OR long term forklift rental with weekly, monthly, annual and multi-year rental deals on offer to satisfy the needs of our many clients around Australia.

We also offer Rent 2 Buy solutions for a growing number of businesses – this is a great option to test the performance of the forklift on site before you buy the machine for your own fleet.

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FORKS & ATTACHMENTS – forks, bale grabs, spreader bars, rotators

Attachments are available for both new and used forklifts (heavy lift diesel machines and container handlers, all terrain forklifts or battery electric forklifts machines).

Make your forklift or container handler work harder and smarter, and reduce the need for extra equipment. An investment now can create time and value in the long run, something that’s beneficial for every business, small and large.

With our help, shopping for forklift attachments is as straightforward as it gets. We offer both new and used products, ensuring you receive the right part at the right price. Staying on budget with your purchase of attachments is easy with Forklift Finder Services.

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“Our business lives up to its name. we are the Forklift ‘Finders’….if we don’t have the machine (or attachment) you need, we find it (tapping into trusted suppliers around Australia and overseas)”
– Peter De Ryk, MD.

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How do I KNOW WHICH MACHINE will do the job?

Forklift Finder Services appreciate that not all forklifts are created
equal! It is important to examine all the facets of your daily operations or specific project to generate a needs analysis. Armed with solid, real
information can you then start to review the product lines offered by leading manufacturers and their range of new, used and refurbished make and model vehicles. Your industry will predetermine if a standard forklift is applicable as in warehousing and freight transportation. Or in fact, if daily operations need a heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle for shipping, construction or mining purposes.

Here is a quick overview of forklifts by category and operational purpose.

All terrain forklifts – a general-purpose vehicle suitable for rough conditions,
limited access, wet areas, uneven slopes.

forklifts – an excellent model for moving goods or materials upwards to
varying degrees of height and weight capacity. Especially applicable for
operations within a small yard that requires tight manoeuvres.

Container handlers – these
heavy-duty trucks are the workhorses of any shipping and transportation
operations offering diverse material handling and reliability for intense
daily use.

Urorail dumpers – road-rail
vehicles are a flexible and cost effective solution as the trucks mount on
the rail tracks and travel direct to the workplace securing higher
productivity levels.

Heavy lift forklifts
Industrial strength trucks used to lift and move 50 tonnes of material
within a short distance.

Warehouse forklifts – Time
saving vehicles used in distribution centres and commercial warehouses.

Given that the entire purpose of a forklift involves lifting and moving
goods, one of the most important factors to consider is weight.  For
example, what works for moving pallets of goods would not work for lifting heavy containers.

* Need supplies handled at a mining area or construction site?
An all-terrain forklift can tread the uneven ground just fine.

* Moving around product in a warehouse or storage facility?
A warehouse forklift can handle that nicely.

* Need to carry shipping containers from a freighter at the docks?
A container handler would be your best bet.

Knowing the type of environment you’re working in can help you decide which particular type of forklift is required for the job.  However, it should not be the only deciding factor. The type of power utilised by a forklift should also be something to think about when choosing one for your project.
Electric forklifts, while more expensive and lacking the sheer lifting power of a gas or diesel forklift, are easily recharged and can operate relatively quietly.  This makes perfect choice for an indoor or otherwise confined operation.

Gas and diesel forklifts, conversely, are cheaper and capable of lifting
much heavier loads, but the level of noise makes them better suited for open areas such as construction sites.

Talk to the team at Forklift Finder Services to assess a rent versus buy
option. We can save you money and time by accessing our expertise and
reviewing our online inventory. If you know what you want in a forklift or industrial heavy lift truck and you don’t see it in online inventory then by all means call us and we will use our Australasia network to get it to your workplace cheaper and faster than direct retail.

Should I Rent Or Buy A Forklift?

If you work in an industry that requires the moving of heavy materials or
equipment, then you probably know firsthand the value that a functioning forklift offers.  Forklifts have a clear application in a variety of workplaces across Australia’s diverse mix of industries – commercial,
industrial, mining, agriculture, freight transportation and warehousing.

At Forklift Finder Services, we specialise in sourcing forklifts for hire, plus we sell new and quality used forklift machinery from leading manufacturers like Komatsu, Toyota and Caterpillar. We help clients determine which product is best suited to the job and offer advice on renting, buying new or purchasing a pre-owned forklift.

With our experience and know-how we offer a few tips here on the reasons why you might consider renting versus buying a new or refurbished forklift.

12 Reasons To Rent A Forklift

1. You have the opportunity to rent before buying a vehicle to assess its
suitability to your requirements.

2. Manufacturers produce forklifts tailored to specific industries and
all-purpose models too. So it can be prudent to rent forklifts to get
feedback from your team as to which manufacturer, make and model is

3. The flexibility of short or long hire gives a business options.

4. Renting doesn’t require large cash outlays. If your Return-on-Investment calculations are not favorable then renting is a perfect alternative.

5. Tax treatment – renting is an operating cost rather than an asset

6. Use it and return it – no worries about where to house the forklift
in-between jobs or outlay annual vehicle insurance fees.

7. No maintenance costs, as this is the responsibility of the hiring

8. You can focus on specific projects in context to operator training and
OHS compliance.

9. Time saving easy ordering and return process.

10. Keep your business operating when your owned vehicle is
out for repair.

11. No hassles. Quick phone call away for dedicated customer
care when you need help.

When it makes sense to buy a new or quality used forklift If your operation is considering a forklift capital asset purchase then we encourage you to talk with the team at Forklift Finder Service to discuss your specific workplace environment. We can guarantee that there is a new or used forklift with suitable functionality for any
Warehouse, small yard to
Heavy duty
Rough terrain.

5 reasons to buy a Forklift

1.   Staff productivity will increase as a result of using forklift vehicles
to move stock.

2.   Workplace safety is optimised as forklifts do the heavy lifting.

3.   Warehouse space can be fully utilised with a combination or racking,
stacking and forklift operations.

4.   Your primary line of business calls for forklift vehicles as an asset
supporting your daily operations from mining to rail transportation.

5.   The capital outlay for a new or used forklift has a proven

You need not waste time guessing which forklift is best for your business.
We can quickly help with the business effort of calculating your best
approach to rent versus buying a forklift.  Reach your decision with the
knowledge that you have the best product at the right price.
Contact us today to discuss your options.

WHICH FORKLIFT TYRES are best for my workplace?

How can I determine which LIFT HEIGHTS I NEED ?

I’m SETTING UP A WAREHOUSE – what kind of forklift do I need?

After 35 years of experience in materials handling and forklifts, we have assisted good warehouse managers to reduce costs and increase storage space.

1.   INCREASE STORAGE SPACE by choosing the right forklift . If you choose a narrow aisle forklift you can increase your storage space by utilising air space. It comes back to selecting the right equipment for your application . You can also reduce damage with good warehouse design and use of bollards and guardrails, this protects your products and your workers. Choosing the right forklift for your application is paramount, and then make sure you follow up with good training.

2.   REDUCE CAPITAL OUTLAY by renting a good unit, when the need changes, hand it back and change it over for a different machine. No servicing worries – ever

3.   HIGH DEMAND ITEMS – EASIEST TO REACH This is second nature, you want your staff to quickly, accurately and safely fill orders. Your most active items should be in the most efficient and easy-to-reach position, and your less popular items should be out of the way. If you have multiple exit and entry doors, you could even assign certain products to a certain door for more efficiency.

4.   REDUCE YOUR POWER BILL. The two biggest cost centres are lighting and temperature control. Reducing the electricity bill is crucial but it is also one of the easier strategies to implement. Intelligent layout will help you with both.

5.   USE NATURAL OR FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. Many warehouses are still using metal halide lamps. Installing fluorescent lights can save up to 80 per cent. Natural diffused light has benefits beyond saving on your power bill, as it creates less shadows and lifts worker performance.

6. TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Simply changing your thermostat’s position in the warehouse or changing the temperature by a degree can create huge savings for your business. Australian Standards recommend 20-26°C. If you are outside this range you could be wasting money. Insulating doors, windows, walls and ceilings can create considerable savings. When a door is open your warehouses interior can heat up. Using rapid and high-speed doors or an air curtain can reduce up to 80 per cent of energy loss.

Can you help WITH FINANCE ?

If you NEED A FORKLIFT RIGHT NOW, we have OVER THE PHONE, 2 hour approval COMMERCIAL EXPRESS FINANCE AVAILABLE … If you’ve been in business for 2 years, an ABN holder, and you’re registered for GST, you can have a new or used forklift RIGHT NOW.

Call 0414 746 181 anytime to find out more about instant finance on our huge range of new and used forklifts and container handlers. Conditions – maximum $150,000 on units up to 3 years old.

How do I maintain my new forklift ?

Do you provide WARRANTIES?